About Peninsula Hill

What is Peninsula Hill and where is it?
Who is the developer of Peninsula Hill?
What size are the sections?
When are titles estimated to be issued and when is final settlement due?
What are the deposit and final payment requirements for purchase?
What is the Ownership Structure?

Building at Peninsula Hill

Will each lot have a building platform?
What services are provided to each lot boundary?
Will there be any design guidelines?
Will I need Design Review Board approval for house design?
Will there be an owners’ association?
Are there any other annual levies?
Can I use my property for commercial use?
Can I install a wood burner?

How to purchase in Peninsula Hill

How can I secure a section?
What is the sales process to purchase land in Peninsula Hill Kārearea stage?
When can I make an offer on a section?
Can I buy more than one section?
Can I on-sell a bare section?
How will I know when future stages become available?